9 Hand-Picked Camisoles which are worth to wear right now

by Utsav and Shivani

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Camisoles are the one and only thing which fascinates girls these days. Reason? It’s perfect to wear it at home & outside as well. The love of girls is emerging day by day towards the camisoles and we cannot wait to show you our top 9s. Camisoles are in for this season, and they’re here to stay! Wanna know why? Cause they’re comfortable yet unique and easily style-able. So what does a camisole really means??? A camisole is a sleeveless undergarment/innerwear typically worn by women, normally extending to the waist. The camisole is usually made of satin, nylon, silk, or cotton. Let’s not keep you guys waiting, here are the top 9 hand-picked camisoles which are worth to wear right now.

les camisoles sont l'amour 💕

black over anything

Black is the new black!🖤 If you are one of those people who love black as much as we do, here’s the perfect way to style black camisole! Pair it up with white wide-legged jeans or a palazzo, put on some accessories and heels and you’re good to go on a date! Be ready to receive tons of compliments.

Featuring- Shivani Shah

khaki green is all we need

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Can someone switch on my AC and bring a bottle of chilled water, because it’s getting hot in here. That khaki green cami dress is the only thing that is going to make you look hotter than the summers. Just look how alluring this camisole is and how that girl immaculately smiled to give it a picture-perfect look. Compliment this look by pouring some accessories and it will be cherry on the icing.

Featuring- Meghla Bhanwala



Lace did it tonight💛😋. I’m sure you might have a quarantine virtual date but are still in the dilemma of choosing what to wear? Don’t worry! Pair up this lace camisole with grey shorts/pants and be ready to have your date drool!🤤. The best part about lace-y camisole is that it can easily attract anyone plus it's comfortable too.  

Featuring- Annie Batra

earth brown is a stunner


Ohh cozy! That’s how this cami feels right? The earth brown color is perfect to wear in the summers and this cami is all-set to give you a ready-to-go look. Pair it up with cozy pants or you can wear black shorts as well to get the most out of it. The best part about this earth brown camisole is that we all want the perfect match for our black denim and this cami is gonna be a perfect team player for it. So yeah! We found the better-half for our black denim.

Featuring- Ashwareya



Orange you glad to see me?😍 Girls, do you often wonder how to style bright colors? Well, don’t worry! Here’s an easy way to style this orange camisole with a pair of ripped jeans. Pair with a bag and voila! There you have your basic yet chic outfit ready💞.

Featuring- Prakriti Sahaa

fluffy furr tipped us off


Did I just blue you away?!😋 Do you have a blue camisole and don’t know how to style it? Pair it up with your basic high waisted blue denim and be ready for a casual yet fun day ahead! I’m sure that fluffy material just grabbed your attention, Don’t worry because it did grab mine.🦋💕

Featuring- Chatnaya



On Wednesdays we wear pink!💞 You can never go wrong with a dash of pink to match your cheeks! Pair this pink camisole with pink sweatpants and there you have your own loungewear! Comfort but make it fashion💘.

Featuring- Srishti Guleria


image2 (2).jpeg

I’m sure you might have heard “Red is a color of Devil”. So we have to look for what matches this pre-eminent color. And here you can see how white is toning with the color of the devil. She’s wearing a Ribbed cotton camisole paired with denim shorts with analogous stripes, just like two peas in a pod.

Featuring- Prabhleen Bagga


aneesha_gomendes_20201015_161142_1 (1).j

BABE BABE BABE!!! Where are you lookin?

I’m sure my camisole, right. GOTCHA! How can we ignore the super hot slogan on this camisole. Trust me, it’s the hottest thing on the internet right now. So grab your tie-die/multi-color camisole and pair it up with your super shorty shorts and you’re surely gonna heat things up.

Featuring- Aneesha Gomendes

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