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Let’s forget that we look best in “Formals” for a moment because the street itself is where style is born and where it thrives. But the Street is way more than that. The love for streetwear is emerging day by day and people are obsessing over it. Streetwear is a style of casual clothing that became global in the early 90s, but it became a trend in the 20s. The streetwear culture grew from Hip Hop Fashion and later on, It became the need for everyone out there. The best thing about streetwear is that even girls can steal the same clothing from their guy’s closet and go out for photoshoot without anyone knowing it.

So are you worried about streetwear outfits and need some style-inspos… Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with the best streetwear ideas. And trust me, streetwear is dominating the fashion industry these days

Life's too short "to wear boring clothes" 


Let's start with the basic look which anyone can have without putting any effort. To steal this look, you just have to wear a Denim Jacket and pair it with denim jeans and to give it a killer look- wear a white tee layer it down, and unfasten the buttons of the jacket so that we can see the front of the tee and wear a silver chain along with it.

Ayush Bindra (Guy in frame) said: If you want to get the most out of a look “Just Be Yourself”.


Oversized tees are one of the best things you gonna find on the internet today. The oversized fashion emerged from the 90s and with the rapid changes in the industry, Designers made it look like “The coolest thing we can see today”. Let’s learn how we can steal this look  -Wear an oversized tee and pair it with Cargo pants.

Ankit Duhan (guy in frame) nailed this look with his good ol shoes. He said that “Wanna know how to get a picture-perfect??? Just steal this outfit code and you are good to go”


For those who love going to the parties with their streetstyle, this look is perfect. Let’s just go out for a moment alone, and be like “No one’s around to judge me” wearing the same outfit. He is wearing a Black leather Jacket layered with black tee and paired it with Black Jeans. To get the most out of this look, use some accessories as well like Key Lock Chain, Black Rings, and ofc we cannot ignore that Hair band.

Shoaib Khan, founder of Amessio Official (Clothing Brand) told us that, He always finds Streetwear intriguing, and to make a change in the streetwear industry, He came up with his own brand, which you cannot afford a chance to check out his website atleast for once.

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This is the perfect combo one can have to get a picture-perfect look. As we all know oversized tees are the best one can wear these summers, people find it more comfortable to wear this than a regular one. To have this look Wear an oversized tee, paired with track pants, and wear running shoes to give it a sporty look, and to get the most out of it wear sunglasses as well.

Krish Patel (Fashion Enthusiast) said: I always want to look best while going out, and I don’t know how I can make it with the casual fit. Then one day, I ran into the o2fashion Store and found a variety of streetwear outfits, and I was keen to give it a try, and here are the results of it.


Let’s get out of being casual for a moment and begin with making the perfect combination of a funky and basic look. He’s wearing a Tangerine utility tee with strap hem & dropped sleeves, paired with basic black washed jeans, which can’t go wrong with Mid-Tops Sneakers to give it a complete look.

Yash Radhakrishanani (guy in frame) said: He’s always been enticed to get the best color combinations, and he always tries different color combinations before going out. He also said to get the most out of an outfit we should try our best not to mess up with the colors as this is the only factor that can make an outfit perfect or outrageous.


“Get yourself a man who can dress like this”. So this is what you gonna see in girl’s Instagram stories as soon as you copy this flamboyant style. Let’s find out how we can copy this basic look. Wear a basic full sleeves t-shirt, paired with White ripped jeans, and that’s it_   Simple huh!!!

Jashan Bhumkar (Singer, Entrepreneur, Fitness Enthusiast) told us the story of him buying this outfit: He said he was on a clothing store and he wanted a Jeans only and he picked these white jeans, so the salesman asked him to match it with a full sleeve tee and he gave it a try and as he got really impressed with the complete outfit, he thought “it was rather extravagant to buy both”.

Sweater + Jeans


As the winters are really coming, so with the right jeans and the right sweaters in your closet, Winter dressing can run itself on autopilot from the first flakes of snow to the last puddles of slush. A solid multi-colored sweater with the coke logo in the front can never g wrong when paired with the blue-washed denim, and how can we ignore those Red engrossing Goggles which gave it an enchanting look.

Aditya Raj (Fitness Enthusiast) said: Get a little beyond the simplicity of a monochrome crewneck sweater and a blue denim.

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I guess summers are killing everyone right now, and we wanna dress for it as well. Let's pick a white tank top from our wardrobe, paired with light blue denim and we are ready to beat summers. It will be hard to find out whether the summer is hotter or is it you.

Kunal (guy in frame) told us that: It is the most comfortable outfit ever worn by him, and he wants you to try it at least once in your life.


“All BLACK so Swag_ let’s keep this out of the Bag”.

If it ain’t streetwear then I’m outta here. Nav khuttan whose daily walks turned into the photoshoots quivered the streetwear world. His zeal for streetwear fashion is way ahead of others.

Let’s find out how can we steal this look:

Wear a Black Oversized Hoodie, paired with Black Cargo Pants and it can never go wrong with Red or Blue Nike’s mid-top Blue Sneakers.

Accessories: Black face-mask and Carry a Black Handbag to give it a picture-perfect look.

Shop his Looks from here and use code- NAVI10 to get a 10% discount.

Hey man, why are you looking at me, yeah of course you envy my dress code. Now get the hell out of my sight.

This is the perfect streetwear crewneck teamed up with regular pants. To get this good ol hip hop look, wear a super oversized sweatshirt, paired with regular pants. The accessories play a vital role in this outfit so, don’t forget to wear that as well.

Tristan Campbell (guy in frame) is a fashion enthusiast And he has his own custom-made clothes. You can check out his page to get more streetwear dressing ideas.

So that's it. I hope, the information we provided can make a difference in your life. If you have any suggestions to make, please contact us and we will respond to you as soon as we get your message.


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