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The Best in the TOWN are Here:

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1. SCAM 1991

A web series on a true story of an Indian stockbroker, of his ultimate financial strategies and way of making money made him one of the top financial stockbroker of India, the series is filled with 90s styles and piled up with the combination of vintage dialogues, and the background music is so mood.

The actor Pratik Gandhi( as Harshad Mehta) has done a phenomenal job in playing his character, plus the casting is very natural which makes you sit tight on your seats and binge watch it.


If you think Sacred Games or Mirzapur is the best Indian Web Series then you have to watch 'ASUR'. Story, Acting, BGM- everything is top-notch. It was considered to be one of the highest rated Indian Web Series with the ratings of around 9.2! 2020 gave us a lot of web series and after Scam 1992, Asur is the best crime Thriller dropped by an OTT platform this year. Although, due to the last episode, it'll be interesting to see how the next season shapes up.


Undekhi is one of the most underrated shows of 2020 and that's why we want to list this masterpiece, and give it a praise. Trust me if you watch this one today, then i guarantee you that you are going to share it with your friends as well, for sure. Ankur Rathee is the charm of this show, and we must say that he is so talented plus a hardworking actor. After watching the end, the viewers are so gonna demand for Season 2. This show is full of thrills and the story-line is way better than others. Overall, if you think you are a tv series freak and haven't watched Undekhi yet, hen trust me you missed a gem.

4. Special Ops:

A secret cover agent hiding from 8 years finally comes into action. A frictional story is based upon the plot of parliament attack in Delhi. If you like watching secret agent contents and all, then this one's for you. This show is not on the high end like scam 1991 or Asur, but i must say it's not inferior to none.

5. Broken But Beautiful (Season 2)

Broken but beautiful is not just a tv series, it's an emotion, a feeling which inculcates the condition of a one-sided lover. The show started with a story where two strangers who was in relationship with someone and now they can't get over their past, share their stories with each other and became close friends. The actors of this show deserves an standing ovation. We also saw some fresh faces in season 2, and from one of them the one whom i love the most is Anuja Joshi, She's a wonderful actress and she acted really well. The one thing which i personally find intriguing is, how wonderfully this show proved us that one sided love is also a relationship, and how we should respect the given boundaries.

6. Paatal Lok

A thriller, which from the starting to the end will keep you in great suspense, the story is majorly about a terrorist attack on a news reporter which surprisingly got terminated before even happening but then one policeman goes off his duty in finding the real truth about the attack. This series is filled with thrills and action but, the climax is a bit disappointing. And the acting by the star-cast is top-notch.


Aarya is one hell of a show. A 2020 Indian Crime Drama TV series Which is totally based on suspense and twists, is considered as one of the best Indian television drama of all time. Sushmita Sen played the lead role, and did her job to the fullest. As an audience, I must say that the craze for this show will emerge with each episode, and trust me the ending is beautiful than ever.

8. Breathe : Into The Shadows

An Indian crime based drama thriller web series, who's lead characters had been played by Abhishek Bachan, Amit sadh and Nighya Menan. The story revolves around a missing girl which leads to various crimes by her parents the story has a sudden twist which will unfold many secrets. The screening is a bit slow but the more you’ll watch the more it will get more interesting. Watch by yourself to know better.


Mafia is surely one of the most exciting thing you will come across this year. Thriller, Romance, Action, Everything combined in a single series, truly one of my all time favorites. The level of web series game in India is rising surely. This series is a Tale of reunion gone wrong.

10. Hostages (Season 2)

The 2nd season of hostages is now live, the first season was about killing the minister and after failing in that the police officer kidnaps the minister to ultimately save his family. The story is a thriller with a soft touch on emotions, the show is interesting and focuses upon various social issues. Do what season 1 and 2 for great entertainment.


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