Updated: Oct 19, 2020

“Sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.
Harvey Specter
Lesson 1: Don't confuse schooling with education.

The first and most important lesson which we learned from suits is, we should not judge someone by their educational background. Patrick Adams who played the role of Mike Ross showed the world that, to be a good lawyer you don't even have to go to law school. In the very first episode of this, he had an interview with Harvey Specter, and in that interview, Harvey catches that he's lying by just looking at his face, even though the documents were correct, still Mike ross didn't even manage to hide his dirty secret in his very first attempt. But by showering Harvey with his knowledge, He happened to crack that interview. Then after that, He never looked back. He keeps on impressing everyone in the office, one by one. First Harvey, Then Donna, Then Rachael, Then Jessica, Then Jack Soloff, Then Louis, and at last Alex Williams. After some time he became the youngest junior partner of the firm and became a role model to the other associates.

Lesson 2: Always do what you love.

No matter what business you are in, Always do what you love. I know you might have heard this a lot, but it's the major rule which you should follow to drive your path towards success. The three major characters of this show taught us that doing what you love, not only gives us mental peace but it also helps you to generate a robust amount of money.

The three major characters which here I'm talking about are:

1. HarveySpecter.

2. Mike Ross.

3. Louis Litt.

These three are always passionate about their work and before the end of every episode when the celebration time comes, you will understand why is it important to do what you love.

Lesson 3: Loyalty over anything.

There's a saying "Loyalty is the most expensive thing in the world, Don't expect it from cheap people". The best part about this show is Loyalty. We have seen several numbers of times when Harvey puts his life at stake for mike or Mike going jail for Harvey or Donna risking her career for mike or Louis Litt doing something to show his loyalty towards the firm, which left us speechless. No matter how big you become, but believe it or not, you are here just because someone is loyal to you from day one.

Lesson 4: Always prioritize the ones, who puts your interests ahead of their.

We always come to a situation where we expect that the person whose interests we always had put ahead of ours will do the same for us in the future.

But sometimes we just end up being hurt, because we didn't earn what we deserve. But in this show, Many situations came where you get to see how this works and one of my favorites is when Harvey left Paula (his girlfriend) because she put him in a situation where he has to choose between Donna and Paula, and he chose Donna over Paula, even though she is not her girlfriend.

Lesson 5: Get yourself dressed.

The first impression is the last impression, so to make your first impression very very attractive, you have to get dressed according to the occasion. In this show, we never watched anyone who completed a deal without wearing a suit. In the beginning, there's a scene where Mike ross is wearing a substandard suit and after looking at his suit, Harvey gave him an expression of grim and asked to get himself a new Suit. The reason why he's such a huge fan of getting dressed is, From his point of view, your appearance has a direct impact on your success.


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