It's NOW or NEVER: Hathras Rape Case

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We have to end this "ONCE FOR ALL" .

by Suhani Mehta

A 19-year-old girl who belonged to the minoritized group of 'Dalits', more famously referred to as 'the untouchables' was assaulted in a field around northern Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras district on September 14. Upon investigating, four village men, who belong to the privileged and influential Thakur community have been suspected. Ongoing criticism of the actions of law enforcement like uninformed cremation of the woman's body against the wishes of her kin and suspension of five senior police officers followed.

The response to this heinous act spiked up when she suffered from paralysis due to severe injuries to her spinal cord and died two weeks later in a New Delhi hospital on September 29, triggering nationwide outrage, protests, and the detention of opposition leaders.

The vile pattern of ignorance followed within the investigation, the same way it does every time a 'low-caste' woman is raped, the complaint filing is overdue, investigations are deficient, officials ignore the blood-red evidence saying they are uncertain of it being a 'rape' case, allusions to non-relevance of the caste are made to pacify the masses as such and the government authorities appear to be taking a stand quietly with the upper-cast criminals guilty of such sins.

Taking a look at rape statistics,'Dalit' women are actually revealed to be the most oppressed among the world pulled into the power vacuum of an outmoded Indian caste system as well as economic deprivation added to preexisting gender bias.

In 2019, more than 500 Dalit women were raped in Uttar Pradesh alone, according

to the NCRB data, while the nationwide figure for the same year was more than 3,500.

An atrocious example of this was the 2006-Khairlanji massacre or 'Hatyakand' where four members of a Dalit family, two of whom were women, were tied, stripped, and beaten against a bullock cart in the middle of their village. The son and father were then asked to gangrape the mother and daughter, refusing to which they were mutilated and subsequently died on the spot.

We live in a democracy, not an elected autocracy where leaders assume the predatory position in this power construct. Raise your voices against the unjust or tomorrow you, your relatives or your friends could be unsuspecting victims. Take your power back.


We are so excited to announce to you that, Apricitybuzz has collaborated with SexEducationIndia. It is a small initiative took by a few of the young inspiring lads of our country. From the past several years, we are all learning about how we can stop or prevent this crime, but they are the ones, who took the initiative to teach us What real Sex Education is, and we can't be more grateful. We believe the times are changing, situations are getting more dreary day by day, and unless this is taken seriously to an extent that everyone is taught about issues like consent and morals regarding sexual acts every day. We will not get anywhere!!!  It isn't fair that we talk about important issues only when a gruesome death happens because of r*pe. We NEED to start focusing on prevention more, we can't undo what's already happened but we can do better. "We HAVE to do better"


  • Get effective and proper sex education in school curriculums.

  • By actively talking about an important issue such as this we aim to erase the taboo from a generally 'hush-hush' topic of sex education in our society.

  • Give safe space for survivors and giving them the courage to speak up and how to report it.

Let's say "No to Ra*pe & Yes to SexEd". Follow this page SexEdInd for regular updates on this topic.


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To this government we ask today, are the four pillars of the Indian democracy actually casteism, misogyny, class violence, and xenophobia renamed? Does the law state that a woman should learn self-defense just because men cannot learn self-control? For how long will the government conspire to downplay the links between sexual violence and the hierarchies of the caste system threatening the nation's peace?  
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