The Perfect Date: Watch or Pass?

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Let's Find Out!!!

Typically, stories of lost love and young love spark emotions in women and bring up old memories but women can appreciate the way the film made them feel and even relish in the memories. That's why today I'm kinda writing for all those lovers out there.

We round up the reasons why rom-com lovers should add The Perfect Date to there list.

1.Centineo has been dubbed the Internet’s boyfriend

Out April 12, this one is about a guy who creates an app to be a stand-in date at parties, school dances, and more in order to make money. But, of course, he falls for someone in the process. Classic. Brooks starts to hire himself out as a non-sexual escort in order to make enough money to pay for an Ivy League tuition: in return for a decent fee, he lets girls pick his appearance for the evening and sculpt him into their dream date. 

2. Centineo also knows how to be the “perfect date” in real life.

Centineo in real-life doesn't believe in dating apps. He says that if he will be using dating apps then he has to pretend it in a way like he is seeing her for the first time. Centineo strongly believes in the fact that if you are willing to talk to someone, then it is better to ping them up and ask for a coffee rather than having shady shy conversations on the app.

3. It’ll make you laugh out loud and swoon.

It's lovely watching Centineo evolving into a perfect guy out there, from someone you're going to dance with to someone being a decent guy to meet her dad at there place. He does, after all, take the time to help out Celia and Murph with her love lives and his dad with his career.

4. Ultimately, it’s a story about being yourself.

And aren’t all good rom-coms? Throughout the movie, Brooks, Celia, and Murph remain unapologetically themselves—though it may come with a few difficulties. The Perfect Date is the kind of feel-good movie you won't mind watching again with your girlfriends during your next sleepover. And it doesn't hurt that you'll have Centineo onscreen for a good hour and a half, either.

5. But it’ll also make you think.

How a guy manages to be a (healthy) recruit date is fascinating to see — but it's far more fun to think about what people would say if the positions were reversed. What if it was a girl who had made her own dating app? Marano claims, as people go on a lot of dates, there is this double perception that exists. They are used in a different light than men who like a lot of dates. That is why Marano says "he can't give answers and it just irritates me but that's a completely different scenario".

Centineo, Marano, and Georgiadis are all friends offscreen—and it reflects on their onscreen chemistry.

6. It’s got strong, relatable, and multi-dimensional characters, too.

More frequently than not, high school rom-coms are focusing solely on the most famous people in school. Yet Brooks, Celia, and Murph are a little bit of all in The Dream Date, without rigid tropes such as the dumb jock or the snobby cheerleader. Even the queen-bee character of Camila Mendes, Shelby surprises you with her goal-oriented attitude.

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