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What Lockdown taught us, will always be Remembered for Good!

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Is this lockdown a much-needed break or what?

Post Credits: Utsav Agrawal, Aditi Gupta

The Worldwide Lockdown; as we all are familiar with this terminology (adding, Quarantine to our vocabulary new learnt) and also how gruesome it had impacted all of us like the two sides of a coin; both good and bad and the major impacts of it.

As we all are aware of the current situation, the way it is spreading swiftly, yes I am still talking about THE Coronavirus. We actually can't even count the number of people who had put their lives at stake for so many of us and couldn't have been more thankful to them.

But we want you to think about yourself for a moment; how blessed we all are, that we are still not only alive but also got time to extract the better version of ourselves and enhance it in ways that might have worked so much better for us in ways unexplained.

We are here to mention about few major good things which maybe some of us are lagging behind to reach! They are:


This situation has somehow made you get closer to your family, the thing which was fading away. Many people were struggling with their inner self for not getting enough time to spend with their families and this lockdown made them feel relaxed all the time when they see themselves sitting beside their loved ones. Everything is better than before. Nobody knew that a day will come, where we all will sit together with our family and have a cup of tea, without any work-related talks!


I know that most of us never had a chance where we can sit relax all weekend, and consider it as a break. Yeah, we have had lots of vacations in our life, but here I am talking about a vacation at home. Believe it or not but just because of this break, our mother earth has healed itself, and people learned, that why freezing all our activities is important to protect our nature. We people were so frustrated with our daily lives that all we wished for is a Huge Break.

Cutting Down the Unnecessary Expenses-

Lockdown has taught you that you have enough to win, whatever you have, how much you have, you have enough not only you but all the people must have taken their hands back from the unnecessary expenses, remember how you used to satisfy yourself with the things you have and with that you started using substitutes and remember how passable result happened and somehow it built you more creative and innovative and it makes you wiser and made you realize to get a hold on something sagely!

Exploring a "New You"-

Close your eyes for a moment, and ask your heart that "have you ever got time to extract a better version of yourself"! I bet, y'all are thinking about how this lockdown helped you guys to explore a NEW YOU! Right?

None of us have ever imagined that we all will make some time where we really can work on ourselves, where we can work on our hidden talents, where we can explore and nail a specific skill. We all have learned also in this lockdown, and trust me or not, you all will miss this phrase a lot!

We all know this situation was not that easy, but at the same time, this situation made all of us close to ourselves, which none of us could have ever imagined. I wish we all in our mundane lives could have gone through with our inner selves, introspected more (Kudos! to the ones who already have this habit) and recognized our goodness and excellence and also, come to know our flaws and potential; work on them and be a much better version of ourselves now. 


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