Why watch Stranger Things? Here are my top 5 reasons!

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

So, here are the reasons why I find "Stranger Things" as one of the most gripping and entertaining shows ever made. Don’t worry, I’m not giving away any spoilers!

1. The young, constantly-growing cast is relatable, but new at the same time.

The casting has expanded with each season by involving more young stars, which have made the story more thrilling and creative. New characters are still mysterious; why did they come here? When we see them appearing in episode 1 of each new season we are more likely to adhere to the show; we all want to know how they grow and what was their relationship with the original cast.

2. It’s full of humor, which decreases tension and keeps things constantly entertaining.

The series earns some positive perks from its young stars and how they feature jokes about relationships and typical teenage conundrums are worth watching.  Slapstick aims to build a pleasant relationship with the public instead of merely an aggressive environment.

Older characters like Joyce Byers and Chief Hopper also make the show open to most prospective audiences by their own humorous Black comedy when dealing with the struggles of youth and adult life.

3. Being set in a fictional town during the 80s gives it an exciting Stephen King-type vibe.

Young viewers today can escape to an entirely different time, while adult viewers can revisit their glory days. Overall, the entire episodes of the show have an astonishing atmosphere that adds to its suspense and also acknowledges his initial inspiration, the king of holy terror.

4. It’s rooted in science, but isn’t afraid to get a bit weird at times

Actor Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin) said "It's about a Camp Hero spot in Montauk, New York. There were some rumors of hidden government spy activities being carried out in the Cold War. Some of them were like It’s based on that one government lab.” The show brings urban legends and creepy rumors to life by throwing a secret government research facility in the middle of a small town, with all the obvious consequences. Before that fans are in parallel dimensions with their knees down, watching spooky super-powers, horrible aliens, and a broad variety of general turmoil. The combination of sci-fi and suburban standard plays on

the viewer's comfort, creating an interesting, unpredictable sense of escape.

5. Different character builds a deep, classic, and dynamic storyline.

The ideologies of the various communities they are attached to appear were far fetched from the time when they actually were associated at first, but in due course, it becomes evident that everyone has solved the same puzzle in different ways. The last episode usually shows the converging characters as they come together to change stuff. The different perspectives create a sense of unity and togetherness when merging together to save Hawkins from the various forces disturbing it.

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